Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Emma Mowing Adventure

Emma went with us to mow but of course mowers are too dangerous for babies to be around so she enjoyed daddy's pickup. She got to share a pepsi with daddy and she climbed up on the steering wheel .....the keys were in the ignition but she was a good girl and didnt touch them.....course mommy was watching her. She looked out the window and watched daddy mow and when she got tired she climbed in mommy's crochet bag and eventually fell asleep .

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Emma "helps" Mommy with Laundry

Well Emma decided she was big enough to help mommy fold the laundry. Although she never got any folded she sure had fun :)

Emmas Special Bear

Emma got a new bear in the mail today. She hasnt let it go for long since she got it. The bears name is pudding and it was made lee Jenkins an online friend of Emmas and mine. His website it http://www.padgatebears.com/ Lee does wonderful work stop by and look around . Emma is so happy with pudding . I took some pictures of her playing with him. She didnt want to take time to get dressed so they are of her in her diaper with her bear Oh and emma had to taste him as you see in one picture and she says pudding tastes like raspberries LOL

Friday, September 25, 2009

Emma helped Grandma

Emma and I went to grandmas today. While we were there emma got to help grandma crochet but first she got to help grandma untangle a messed up skein of yarn. Oh and emma said she wanted me to make sure you all knew SHE DID NOT mess it up ...it was that way when we got there. LOL But Emma had fun and as always the visit with grandma was fun

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Emma has a new Onesie Dress

Emma has a new dress its made from a onesie. It had a lace skirt on it and emma looks so sweet in it. She has been such a good girl and helping me make the little baby boy doll I thought she deserved a reward .

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Emma Got Her Ears Pierced

Emma got her ears pierced. She wanted to have them just like mommy. She said it didn't even hurt. She's such a brave little one. It took lots of concentration on her part to hold her hands up to her ears so you could see the earrings without falling over ......but she did it GO EMMA......hehe......... She also has discovered she likes playing with the shape sorter so she is busy doing that .

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Emma has a new dress

Its Me Emma mommy made me a new dress . It have shoes that match my dress and headband to match them and my panties have ummmmmmmm mommy called em wuffles yeah dats it wuffles on them so dos my new dress . I think it makes me look like a Princess.

Emma Goes To Grandmas

Monday emma got to go to grandmas. She got all dressed in her pretty blue dress and white shoes. When we got home she was no where near ready to go to bed so she played with all her favorite stuffed pets

Emmas Diaper Day Sunday

I have been working on a crocheted dress for Emma and she was anxious to wear it so she stayed in her diaper and tshirt
all day in hopes to wear it but i didnt get it done. so thought id share some pictures of her patienly waiting and watching